TwoByFourBySix Limited

TwoByFourBySix Limited provides software development and consultancy services in and around Yorkshire.


Alert - Updated 22 April 2017

Warning! We have now received several independent reports of an entity representing themselves as TwoByFourBySix Limited and using our contact details and registered address to place orders for mobile phones from trade/B2B suppliers.

TwoByFourBySix Limited has no relationship with that organisation or persons, and do not have control over the website

We do not have any premises outside of Leeds. We have not placed any bulk orders for mobile phones or other capital items. We have no plans to do so in the forseeable future, and will always provide payment up front for goods and services.

We have reported a suspected identity fraud to the Police and advise prospective suppliers to contact us before processing any orders!


We are currently engaged in a long-term project for a Healthcare client until the end of March 2018.


Please email:

We are not currently publishing our names or telephone numbers, in order to reduce our exposure to this suspected identity theft.

However we accept that people may be anxious to contact us and we will reply to enquiries on the above email as a matter of priority.

If replying to emails that appear to be from us, please check that the return address is exactly as above.